Adventures In Film Land

Adventures In Film Land

"Dolce Far Niente/Heres to the girls (cocoindie.com)"

I first learned how to shoot with and develop film in high school when I was 16 years old. I took a photography course because I thought it would be interesting. I have always been passionate about art and creating since I was young and I liked taking pictures so why not take the class.

Though the class experience was awful due to a teacher who picked on me and a few jerkish meat headed boys I still enjoyed the process of photographing and being in the dark room watching the images appear like magic. We were told always to wear gloves yet I would be sticking my hands in the developing solutions with not a care in the world.

It's been a long while since I decided to shoot with film. "A" and I have his moms old Nikon film camera that we played around with a few summers ago, but last year "A" decided to pick up a used Nikon F100. The camera just sat around in our mini collection for a few months before I boldly started to entertain the idea of using it. Minus the time "A" took the camera on a trip to Vancouver. That roll still sits around waiting to be developed.

In February I picked up 3 rolls of 24, ISO 400. I didn't really care what type of rolls they were I just wanted to shoot with the F100. I am really the type of photographer who believes that really anything will do when your taking photos. Though it's nice to have good cameras, good lenses great film I believe that it's the photographers job to use what they have creatively and effectively. We should never be limited by what equipment we have. A standard Fujifilm roll is enough for me to do something with.

The first shoot I did in years on film was with a beautiful model named Leigh & the second was a much more ambitious shoot with 9 models. ( I will be doing a full post about that shoot soon). It is still quite snowy and cold here in Canada and we wanted to shoot lingerie stories for both so obviously I had to shoot indoors. Shooting indoors with natural light is always a challenge. I love the way that film captures the shadows and highlights of natural light and really wanted to use that to my advantage. Through-out both shoots I did have to switch on my strobe as the light was fading away. Unfortunately during the shoot "Here's to the girls" my last roll of film completely messed up and I lost the last 20 frames so shooting with film was cut short. However it was a learning process and taught me to always have back-up film on hand.

I know I still have much to learn about taking film photographs and I am eager to try. I am also looking into polaroid camera's as a good friend and fellow photographer (Ashley Holloway, Check her out) and I have been chatting about polaroid cameras and film & all the chatting is making me excited.

So here are some shots from both the shoots :)

Dolce Far Niente/ Model: Leigh @ Elite, muah/hair by Leesa Arsenault

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