April Showers

Banff, Alberta

April Showers

We're driving along the roads of Jasper National Park in Alberta. We didn't know that that's what we would be doing on this random weekend in April.

I always measure the beauty of a place by whether I shed some tears and become overcome with emotion. It's kind of become our little travel thing. If Daniela cries then you know you must be somewhere beautiful. When I was in Switzerland last year I had a moment where I welled up. I was overcome by the vast beauty I was seeing and the idea that I would be so lucky in my life to get to take it all in. 'A' was surprised that I wasn't quite overcome with emotion during our weekend trip to Banff.

I took in the beauty of the mountains but told him it was kind of what I was expecting. I wasn't underwhelmed that's for sure but as I mentioned the Swiss mountains had moved me so much that I didn't know if mountains could ever move me again.

However, as we drove higher into the mountains we became enveloped within the Rockies. Everywhere I looked stood a bold mountain guarding the land like a knight or soldier of the earth. Some of the mountains looked as if ancient castles stood at the very top. In my imagination I played out scenarios of kings and queens who once lived in the rocky towers. I imagined ancient walls and temples.

The clouds parted and as Alt-J's Arrival in Nara played on the radio I felt a stirring of emotion in my tummy that moved to my chest. My eyes welled up and through a cracking voice I said " Okay, I am crying now I guess that means this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been". I think 'A' was waiting for that reaction the entire trip.

We explored Banff and were surprised by the mounds of snow and ice that still covered the ground and lakes. We explored the Colombian Ice Fields and a very old glacier. We climbed over rocky and dirt glacier hills and laughed as our feet sunk into the mud dirtying our shoes. We took our friends t-shirts with us. He creates his own tee's for his brand The Tee Shirt Life. We are going to take those t-shirts with us to Europe too. I also started making hair barrettes and launched my side venture which is called Barretty! So I took my barrettes with me on this trip to photograph as well. It was an interesting experience to have the responsibility to take images for my Barrette brand and our friends tee shirt brand.

The beginning of April was a crazy start. The weather was a mess hot like summer one day and cold like winter and snow the next. I always find spring in Canada so turbulent. It's also been a busy time for me as well. Client shoots are just around the corner and I am leaving for Europe the second week of May. One thing 'A' and I wanted to desperately do this year was travel and so we decided we were going to throw all of our cards in and just go for it.

In my last life post I mentioned how we had these crazy choices laid in front of us. Big life changes that were ahead. It wasn't my story to tell and really still isn't but now I can see the result of the choice we made. It was the right one and I think 'A' knows that too.

I spent some time with Juby too. She had a sick day from day care and I baby sat her. She set up some of her stuffies on the floor and told me that they were all her children and that she was the mama and was going to take care of them. When I asked her where the daddy was she answered that he was getting yogurt at the store. We took a "family portrait". She pointed to where I should stand in order to capture all of her "children". When I was unable to get my sisters television to work Juby asked for the remote and told me she would make it work. When I held the remote out she sprinkled some "pixie dust" on the remote and reassured me that it would work now. I laughed and was in awe at the same time. Her imagination is beyond and I love just how open to possibilities she is. We played outside together and finally it was time for her to go to sleep.

April is an exciting time for me because I knew my garden was going to begin to show it's first sign of rebirth. I was curious as to which plants would flourish and whether they would bloom this year. The first sign was a small hyacinth that I pulled out last year. It's bulbs must have fell into the deep earth because it had sprung back to life. Then to my surprise both my lilac bushes started to bud and soon they will fill the yard with the most intoxicating fragrance. It's going to be a good summer I can feel it in my bones.

For someone who thought I wouldn't be able to do another life stories post until our Europe trip I am quite happy that life can surprise us with little opportunities to capture and tell our stories.

All images by Adam and I. My first travel/photo vlog! Now up on my youtube channel.

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