Barcelona Streets

Europe 2016 | Barcelona

Barcelona Streets

I think I left my heart in Spain.

I didn't think it was going to be Spain that would become my favorite place to travel to in Europe. For a time it was the U.K then Paris then Croatia. I had no clue that Barcelona would just steal me away but it did and I am glad.

We made it to the train station in Carcassonne. Angela and her boyfriend Val greeted us and I gave her a big hug. I was happy to see Angela after a whole year. The last time we hung out was in Paris. We had three fantastic days roaming the streets of Paris photoshooting. Drinking wine in our Roccoco apartment and enjoying ourselves. This time we would be exploring Barcelona and doing more photoshoots. I was so ready for the excitement.

We stayed in Val and Angela's extra apartment for the night. We sat together as soon as we got in and started planning our weekend in Barcelona. Talking like crazy, catching up, telling stories, and laughing. We would get side tracked with jokes and stories and forget that we really needed to find a place to stay for the weekend.

'A' managed to do some research as Angela and I lay on the bed talking away in our own little world. We booked our hotel and decided on a game plan. The next morning we would wake and be ready to drive 3 hours to Barcelona.

I looked out the window in awe of the Barcelona streets. The architecture, the colour, the art the vibrant happy people. I rolled the windows down and let the hot air fill my lungs. That's when my love affair with Barcelona started to plant it's seeds within me but it wasn't just yet that my heart would be stolen away.

Finding our hotel was difficult but eventually with some dumb luck we managed to figure it out. Our hotel was amazing. Modern and clean with an art edge.

We napped and relaxed for a little bit as our drive had been long and we were all a bit tired. When we would awake it would be time to do our first of three shoots. We decided we would walk the streets and photograph as we headed to the Sagrada Familia.

I shot so many images. The streets, the architecture, 'A', Angela and Val as they explored. We also shot images for a future editorial. I wanted to capture the best of fashion, candid travel and architecture.

Everything about Barcelona was amazing. The more I walked the more I felt connected to the place. There were many happy people going about their lives. Many children laughing and exploring their environment. So many people from so many places. The culture was diverse.

That night we went to a Spanish resturaunt. I ordered ice cream and red wine as I ate earlier and was ready for dessert. The glass of wine made me feel a bit more excitedly then usual and I wondered if the wine was hitting me a bit harder because of the lack of sleep and intense travel of the last few days.

In bed we went as the next day would be full. The next morning we headed out to rent bikes. It was "A's" dream to ride bmx in Barcelona as that's one of his favorite hobbies.

I told him he should just do it. We only live once and don't really ever know when we will have these types of experiences ever again. Even though this meant I would need to get on my own bike and ride the streets of Barcelona.

I am not good with bikes (haha). I don't trust my own judgement on a bike and it took me awhile to get comfortable. The guy at the bike rental place was very kind and helped me find something I could be comfortable on. He even lowered my seat for me. I told him I needed a small bike and that I didn't want to die. He laughed at my dramaticness and told me I wouldn't die that day.

'A' wen't straight for the bmx bike and I could see the glimmer in his eyes shinning. My bike was a turqiouse one with a basket.

We rode the streets of Barcelona and this is the part in my story where I fell in love. Thinking back to this one hour of riding our bikes makes me smile and fills me with so much joy.

The streets weren't as busy as it was morning. Allthough I almost crashed several times I some how managed and even laughed at my misfortunes. We rode through back streets and I could now get a sense of the locals of Barcelona rather then the tourists.

Riding under the arch, a man was blowing giant bubbles. I rode through them as I watched "A" ahead of me look back at me and smile. He later would tell me how he wished he could have taken a picture of me. That he looked back and saw me on my blue bike with the basket. The arch and Barcelona in the background. My long blonde hair flowing as I rode through giant bubbles. He told me it was like a movie. I responded telling him it's okay some things aren't meant to be captured. Some things just live in our memories. Those moments are for us and only us.

I was smiling almost the entire bike ride. I was proud that I was doing something I feared. I was facing a fear and it felt great. I felt an immense joy because I watching my husband do something he loved. He is so patient with me always waiting by on our travels while I photo shoot or drag him to gardens. However, this, this was all for him.

We rode down the beach strip passing by other bikers, beach goers, joggers. Joggers running as their children rode their little bikes beside them.

I felt the wind on my neck and face. It was all becoming more intense. I was in love with Barcelona.

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