Butterfly Birthday

Butterfly Birthday

Twenty- Eight. 28! Wow. Seriously how is this even possible? How am I 28. I am supposed to be an adult but let me tell you I am not good at adulting. Not at all! The last week of 27 has set in quickly. The weekend started with a short little walk on the beach. 'A' and I took the opportunity to snap some pics during that time of day where the light is what I like to call "The in between". Our friend just started making tee shirts and I wore one to the beach to make sure we'd capture some shots of the shirt.

When the week began I found myself pondering how my last week of 27 would feel. I imagined it would be a normal week filled with the mundane and boring. Boy was I wrong. In my last blog post I talked about choices and transitions in life for both 'A' and I.

This week another choice presented it's self and it was one that had our stomachs in knots for days. Now I can't really go into detail because in all honesty it's not my story to tell. However let me say that we made some really big life altering choices together in the last week of my 27th year.

Those choices will play out over the next year and I am thrilled and excited to see where this journey will lead the both of us. Adam and I have always been a strong team and in marriage this has been really re-assured time and time again. Especially when we are both in need of someone to pull us back to the ground out of our own spastic heads.

The week ended on a lighter note and that heaviness we both carried for a few days became a lightness and zest for life and our future plans. The weekend was filled with more family moments then I thought it would be and just yesterday I celebrated an early birthday with my sisters family and my wonderful niece Juby.

We headed to the butterfly conservatory. It's one of my favorite places. My sister took me there for the first time with her and Juby when Juby was still a babe. It felt like walking into a whimsical fairy tale story.

The conservatory was busy and filled with children exploring, bug eyed for the bugs and also crying because hey I guess butterflies scare kids sometimes.

Juby was her usual self. Stubborn and curious. Always wanting to do the things we tell her not to do. "Don't run" then she falls and hurts her knee. "Don't pick the flowers, they aren't for picking here" then you turn your back and she picks one. She holds out the flower in glee with a devious smile. I can't help but laugh on the inside.

I'm not one for rule abiding either.

Afterwards we head out for lunch at a near by restaurant and I am really enjoying how this week has ended. Juby is tired and while waiting for her dessert she lies on me and holds her uncle Adam's hand. I always love when she warms up to 'A' and once she has then she refuses to do anything without him doing it with us.

Over time I have started to realize that I have changed so much from even just a few years back and with those changes I wonder how I got to this point in life that I am currently sitting at. So here is a list of things I never thought I would enjoy doing and the things I have discovered as I have grown.

1. I like wine. A lot. I never understood how people could drink wine at parties or bars. I'd be downing a mickey of Jack Daniels chasing it with coke. Now I pretty much don't drink rye and coke unless I'm out, and it's watered down.

2. I LOVE gardening. Okay, well I have always loved nature. I loved being in the forest when I was a teen (and not just for bush parties). I did actually do a lot of hiking and wandering. I have had a connection to flowers as well but boy did that connection get stronger in my 20's. Now I am on my hands and knee's in dirt planting and digging and watching my garden grow and seriously loving it. This winter I would look at my garden in sadness just wishing I could be out there tending to it.

3. You age but you actually always feel the same. Well for me at least. I still feel like who I am inside is always who I have been. It's just that over the years new things get added. I never really regret things. Though I do think back painfully to moments of stupidity or sadness. I used to think when I was a certain age I would feel accomplished, wise, older, stronger, better and in reality I still am just a dreamer, romantic, wanderlusting, hopeful, emotional, sensitive, impulsive girl.

4. I'd rather binge watch Dawson's Creek (just an example of a show I have recently binged) on Netflix then go out and party. Heck, I'd rather stay in in my pj's then go to clubs or go out in general when I am really not feeling it.

5. I used to always want to have something fun and exciting to do on the weekends. Now I am comfortable with spending time at home napping and relaxing or working on my photography things. I always really love spending time with Juby and could just do that all day. No need to go out and "have fun" the way I used to.

6. Travel. I am obsessed with wanting to travel and see new things. I would rather fill my life with as much travel and wander lusting as possible then possibly anything else.

I am sure this list could go on but this blog post is getting long and I still have a million and one things to do today. So, 27 thanks for being a great year. xx

Images by Adam and I.

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