Casting for the Secret Garden

Casting for the Secret Garden

As you may have seen in the recent weeks my Secret Garden attic series is coming back in full force with it's part 2. I have put out posts looking for models to collaborate with and I have received so many amazing messages from so many lovely ladies. The series is only 6-7 concepts away from being completed and every concept has already been drawn out and conceptualized. This means that I have a very specific look for who I will need next for the series.

If you are interested please continue reading. Firstly I want to mention that I am only looking for models with experience. It doesn't have to be a lot of experience but for a series like this I really need girls who are comfortable with the camera and wearing strange outfits, hair make-up etc. Models with experience are used to this kind of environment and I truly believe this is what takes the images to the next level. So please note I am looking for models who have some to alot of experience. Also, you should be aware that if you want to partake in the series you are agreeing to the following....

1. Your okay with the images being used to promote my work and the series. The series has already gone viral several times and as of recently has been featured on CBC news. I only continue to recieve more offers for interviews and features which means that this will be a frequent occurance. The model must be okay with this.

2. I will be looking into making a photo book with the series which proceeds will go to children's charities. I also sell prints to fund the rest of the series and gallery shows. You must also be okay with this.

3. You only recieve 1-4 final images. I do not give out extra images from the shoot. The series is treated very seriously and not like a test shoot or editorial. I will send you the high res versions and am totally okay with you using them on your social media and portfolio etc.

4. Must be able to travel to Hamilton Ontario. Sorry I can't move the backdrop/ set.

**THERE ARE NO NEW OPEN CASTINGS AT THIS TIME. Check back later for possible castings. :)**

* Please note this is a volunteer series. No one who works on the series is getting any monetary gain. The series is a labour of love, for art and for charity *

To make-up artists at this time I have a great group of creatives that I work with they have been there with me since day one and generally they get the first choice for the series. However if they can't do the series I will then put out a casting call.

As more shoots come together check back here for more casting calls.

The series is all about showing artists that they don't need a big budget or a fancy location to create their vision. The series is about strong feminine queens and beauty. It's gone on to raise money for children's charities, viral publicity and published all around the globe. If this is something you want to be part of please e-mail me danielamajicphotography@gmail.com

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