Coming home

Coming home

I love when the perfect days happen. Especially when they are so simple and wonderful. Most of my days are spent just trying to figure things out. Life and career. Social networking, e-mails, marketing. Mixed in with a healthy does of tv show/netflix watching and exercise (trying hard to be more active).

Days go by and they are full of unfulfilled dreams, boring-ness and wishing that I lived somewhere hotter. Everyone says they "love" the snow until they have cold for more then a month. There are days where I just want to run outside and feel a warm breeze on my face and smell the fresh roses in the garden. It won't happen for a few more months and I feel the winter blues heavily set it. I guess I shouldn't complain this year has been a mild winter and I have enjoyed that.

Last weekend two of those really great and special days happened. If you have read a few of my other posts you'd know about my very special mother in law and the life struggle she has been going through since 2011/2012.

After a year of being away from home we finally got to bring her back to her house for one very special day. It was an emotional experience. We take for granted how much pieces of ourselves and memories live within our homes. They don't need to be these big giant places to live. A home can be anywhere. Any where the people you love are.

The next day I had a shoot with a beautiful red haired girl. We shot in a local greenhouse then outside in the snow and finally in my parents cold attic. (Pics coming soon) I stayed at my parents place afterwards as my sister and her family were over. I'll take any excuse to spend time with my niece Juby.

Juby hides in a little couch fort that my father made for her. My dad exclaims how kids don't need any toys. Two couches a blanket and their imagination is all they need. It's so true and I am so happy that Juby has a big imagination. Juby tells me to knock on the door. I pretend that I have a parcel for her and we start a little game.

Sometimes it's not about the big moments in life. It's not about the amazing places I am lucky to get to travel to and photograph, it's not about the big elaborate shoots (though those things do satisfy my creative soul) sometimes it's just about simple little moments with the people you love.

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