Days Of Old Stories

Days Of Old Stories

Well it had to come eventually. A recount of the photographic things that occurred in the last few years as I have missed writing about so much and this is a photography blog after all...

I found this photograph again, my sister Al posted it on her facebook a little while ago. Al was about 7 years old in the photograph and I was 11. It was the first “series/story” I can recall ever taking. Not knowing a thing about photography at 11 years old I picked up my moms plastic disposable camera, dressed Al up and photographed her. She was a good little model even then. I look back at the only images I have from the “shoot” and recall my imagination.

I think about trying to hold on to that imagination no matter what. When we are young we do not care about the consequences, we do not care about who will like what we do or who won't we get an idea and we go for it!

At 16 years old I took a film course in high school. I loved the camera, I loved taking pictures. I loved the alone time I was able to have wandering and capturing. I had no clue what I was doing even then, but yet managed to excite myself in the dark room when the images I shot would begin to appear. Unfortunately the teacher hated me. I know I was a bit of a rebel when I was a teen, but she really managed to suck the inspiration out of me. - so I continued on with life.....

At 19 years old “A” (my fiance) bought me my first dslr. When I asked him why he responded “because you like taking pictures”. I sucked at taking pictures with that thing but I LOVED taking pictures with that thing.

So in 2008 my passion for taking pictures sparked like it never had before. I realized that my whole life I had loved taking photos. I'd use moms plastic camera's & moms Polaroid camera. I took pictures of my barbies at 5 years old and at 8 I drew in my little duo tang a bunch of fashion designs I was going to create. Thats just who I was. I wish I still had that duo tang.

In 2008-2009 I started taking pictures of everything and anyone I could. I photographed an image “ Stuck In Wonderland” which was later commissioned 4 times on a book cover called “The Witches Daughter” the image can be seen in Marie Claire and on an I phone commercial.

In 2010 I spent most of my days (and nights) in sadness at a desk job. Yes I worked nights! I would sit there and pretty much daydream of photographing stories. At lunch time I would walk around outside and dream of days where I would be taking pictures. Finally at the end of the summer I photographed one of the biggest stories I had created back then. I somehow managed to get permission to photograph at one of our botanical gardens in my city. It was a magical day.

From 2010-2011 I met some really amazing models who have become good friends. I also started shooting with agency represented models and making connections. I landed my first independent magazine spread, and then my first magazine spread that sold in stores. I began shooting more editorials and being featured. I even started to have some of my images appear on Vogue Italia's Photo vogue and had a few honourable mentions and a “best of”.

In 2012 I landed my first cover which sold internationally in stores. I later shot another cover and spread for the same magazine. I continued photographing stories with models, making friends making great connections... People wanted to hire me it was a good feeling....

I travelled to the UK which was a dream of mine. I shot in the UK with amazing people in amazing places. It was a dream. "A" and I travelled Europe as much as we could.. Stopping in Amsterdam, and Croatia and driving through Italy. We stopped in Paris too. Where I photographed a blonde beauty at the Eiffel tower. The night before the shoot "A" got down on one knee and proposed to me at the eiffel tower. It was amazing.

2013-Right Now... Iv'e grown a lot in the last few years. As a person and as a photographer. The way I see things is changing. The way I want to live my life, the way I want to create and tell stories is changing. The things I love are changing in a good way.

I sew now.

I sew a lot for my photo shoots, making dresses and props and anything I can think of. I have great friends who want to model for me time and time again. I have clients now and I shoot weddings. I love my job. I count my lucky stars that I am able to do what I love for a living. I'm taking my creative work into a new direction this year. Im focusing on the business side of things too, and I really want to give back to the photographic community. I want to share my knowledge with people and new photographers who were and are like me. This blog will help me do that!

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