Diary Of A Story Teller

Diary Of A Story Teller

It's been about 6 years now since I picked up my first dslr and started shooting and as I write this I start to think about who I have become both as a person as well as photographically. I question myself all the time. I question my photos before and after I have hit the trigger.

I have tossed back and fourth with the idea of a blog. An online place where I would share myself and my photos with those who were interested. I found myself starting blogs I could never keep up with, or letting them become about something that I had no connection with, or just another place to complain. I stopped myself every time from letting those things escalate.

In a month and 3 weeks I will be 26 years old but in my heart I feel like I am 11. Young and wide eyed looking at the world through rose coloured glasses. Letting my imagination take over. Dreaming of youth and the idea of a girl wandering free and wild through the forest. Smelling flowers and dipping her toes into a stream. My entire life I have found ways to escape into other worlds locked inside my mind.

I think it's time for me to have a place to express myself. The way I am seeing the world & the way I am telling stories is changing. I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in myself. A diary of thoughts, of imagery and ideas to share.

Our world has become too fast paced and as social media takes over I feel the old ways of helping others in our photographic world is changing. I don't want to close my door on those who might need my help, my words or my encouragement. So here it is, a place for me to express my thoughts, to share my images and the stories I tell and a place where I can share tips and ideas for those who are looking for it....

So to begin, Who am I? I am a dreamer, a storyteller, a sister, a daughter, a lover. A romantic. I live inside my head most of the time. I love flowers and gardens, and dream about travel and seeing the most magical places in the world. I am a creator, a wanderer a free soul I am passionate and I love to sew.

What kind of stories do I wish to tell? Stories of youth, femininity, being a girl, the way I experience life, beauty, fragility, strength, dreams, fairytales, freedom, wandering, being wild and free.

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