Europe Part Four | Paris, Switzerland & Germany

Europe Part Four | Paris, Switzerland & Germany

I lay on the comfy hotel bed listening to the sound of rain and the city below. It’s our last night in Europe and we are spending it in Germany. I am exhausted beyond belief but in awe of all the places that we have been so lucky to wander through these past few weeks. Croatia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany.

After our Roman adventures we boarded our plane and headed for France. We booked an amazing Parisian flat that had an amazing rococo styled living room and balcony that had a beautiful view of the Paris streets and architecture of near by buildings.

When we arrived the balcony doors were already open letting in the breeze and sounds of cafe diners. We met up with Angela shortly after. Angela was going to be staying with us in the lovely flat for two days. Within that time we photographed, drank wine and enjoyed each others company. It was wonderful to see Angela again. The last time we worked together was in Canada for the “Here’s to the Girls” editorial. We even jokingly talked about shooting in Paris one day. Well we finally made that a reality. Angela now lives in France so it was a no brainer that we would meet up to shoot.

Paris is a place I could see myself living in for some time. I love the architecture, the fashion, the easy going lifestyle. Everything about it. It just has an air to it. We spent two amazing days in the beautiful flat and going out for dinner and drinks. I really didn’t want to leave as Angel, Adam and I were having such a blast. We all wished we could have stayed for just a little bit longer but life must go on. With a bit of sadness we hugged Angela at the metro and headed our separate ways.

After a three hour train from France we eventually found ourselves in Germany at the car rental. We got our two seater Mercedes convertible that “A” was excited to drive and head to our next destination; Switzerland. After an entire day of travel I was completely exhausted and ready for bed but we still had to wait for the cable cars to take us up to where we were staying. It was late at night and I was looking at Adam with evil eyes. He planned out everything in Switzerland as he has been there before and I wondered where on earth he was taking me.

Finally we made it to the top and as we walked along this little towns quiet street I saw something massive to my right. When I turned I realized that it was the most gigantic and gorgeous mountain I had ever seen in my life and it was then that I understood where “A” was taking me.

The next morning I sat outside on our balcony and I was awe. The entire town of Murren was surrounded by mountains covered with snow and then smaller hills that were a lush green. I had never been anywhere so beautiful in my life. I thought about life and the life I am lucky to live as I watched the mountain quietly. I could feel my eyes well up and knew there were a few tears that had found their way out. It was such a beautiful site that it brought me to tears.

We spent the day relaxing and enjoying this little utopia. The town was quiet and the people were kind and very friendly. Adam took me up to one of the highest mountains in the area. 10,000 feet above ground. I was a bit nervous as I am afraid of heights but the beauty of being in the sky like that had taken over my fears.

I could have lived there on that mountain. A place where I could forget about my worries and live a life that was so unlike the hustle and bustle of the one that I do live.

We left our mountain and headed to another town in Switzerland to meet with model Kyra. I had the pleasure of working with Kyra when she was only 16 in Canada. It was a wonderful day as we photographed in her own garden and around town. Getting to catch up with Kyra again was amazing fun. This trip has really shown me how having relationships with the people you work with can be such a wonderful thing.

So here we are now having had a full day in the city of Munich and just about ready for bed. I am sad that it’s time to go home. Everything happened so quickly I haven’t had enough time to reflect. Croatia feels like forever ago. There is something really magical about Europe and I hope I can be as lucky as I was this time to get to experience more soon.

Incase your wondering I did photograph full editorials with both Angela and Kyra and they will be up soon. Thanks for reading and coming along with me a on this journey. xx

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