Europe Part One | Croatia

Europe Part One | Croatia

I promised myself at the start of this year that I would try hard to capture more then just my imagination and vision. I would try to capture the things in my life that are more personal. Those important moments that sometimes photographers miss because we are so busy organizing shoots and trying to figure out what our next big inspirations will be. We tend to put our cameras down when we really should be picking them up.

"A" and I have been planning this Europe trip for a few months now. Of course I knew I wanted to meet up with friends and put together some more fashion styled shots. That was just a must. I'll be heading to Paris next week. We have an amazing flat booked for both living and shooting not to mention that shooting in the streets of Paris is a dream. Then to end the trip off there will be a shoot in Switzerland. Somewhere in between just "A" and I will be visiting Italy to enjoy what will be our late honey moon.

Croatia is our first stop and we have now been here for three days. Three blissful days spent on this beautiful small island called Betina where my grandmother grew up still has a house in. The first time I stayed on the island I was only fifteen years old. This is my fourth stay and to be honest I'd say one of my favorite.

"A" and I are living with my grandma in her house and have met up with my sister Mili, her husband and my amazing niece whom I nick named Juby. Everyday with Juby has been such a little dream. Her sweetness, rebelliousness, and freeness is so refreshing and endearing. She teaches me so much about what life is truly about.

After a swim she came back to the house and stripped naked. She ran away laughing and screaming "I'm naked, I'm naked" This little butt pranced around the yard so free and full of excitement. She often says "No" and doesn't like to be told what to do. She'd rather be the one to make her own decisions and come to her own conclusions it's funny to watch.

Every morning she sneaks into our room and snuggles with Adam and I. She quietly hops onto the bed and whispers "Auntie Deet" into my ears and presses her cheek against mine. I can't even begin to explain how big of a smile she can pull from me even in my tiredness.

The Croatian air is like no other. Breathing it in makes the lungs feel fresh. The weather is extremely hot this May making this trip feel more and more like a summer one rather then spring. So many flowers are in bloom and tropical trees flood the island. It is a dream.

We woke this morning to little Juby kisses then headed out to a beautiful waterfall. The boardwalk path was glorious and though I have visited Croatia four times now I never knew just how beautiful this place could be. I felt like I was walking through a fairytale land. Wishing I had a team of models decked out in the most beautiful gowns to shoot.

Vines climbed trees, lily pads danced in the water, dragonflies fluttered their wings. The trees looked as if they belonged on a tropical island. The vines spread far and wide. Finally we made it to the falls and took in all their beauty.

Juby had a little tumble and hit her head on the rocks. She cried little sweet tears that broke my heart. Her mama cradled her nice and close and after a little bit of ice her goose egg swelling had gone down. She's a little trooper because soon after she was sitting with me on the big vine of a twisty water tree within the fresh falls water. She splashed her feet with excitement.

"A" and I jumped in the water in our clothes. We didn't care we just wanted to feel the refreshing sensation of the water and bask in this absolutely beautiful day. There is no better feeling then being surrounded by the ones you love and experiencing this life with them.

I often think too much. I often think about things that effect me negatively. I often think about what is expected of me. I find it hard to really let go and find out what this life has to offer but I am pushing myself more and more to let go and give in. I want to make sure that I am living this life for me. Every aspect of it including what I do photographically.

So here it is, Part One of this Europe trip. I keep thinking about how this part will soon be over and the next adventure will take it's place. How saddened I will be that this chapter of our trip is ending but how curious I am of what is yet to come. xx

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