Here's To The Girls

Here's To The Girls

I am so excited to release my first fashion video! It was such a new experience for me and it wasn't easy.

On the day that we did the shoot for "Here's to the girls" I decided that I would also try my hand at video. Now I'm not a pro at video. I don't even have the right equipment but I used what I had and tried my best.

The day was already as busy as ever. 9 beautiful ladies arrived at my place excited for hair, make-up and the big shoot. Katie our make-up artist and Jill our hairstylist worked so unbelievably hard. I not only took digital photographs but I also shot with my film camera and the video as well of each girl then later everyone together.

Sometimes I get these crazy big ideas. I dream them up then spend weeks getting the details together. But the night before I usually take a big gulp and ask "A" "umm What am I doing again"? There is always a minute of my life before I shoot where the nerves kick in. I start to doubt myself. I start to wonder what on earth I was thinking. I wonder if I am being too ambitious.

In the end I'm almost always glad that I followed my heart and the concepts I want to shoot. I love telling stories. That is what I set out to do when I create photographs. I learn a lot about myself and my photography style and technique when I challenge myself.

So here it is. It's my first try at a fashion video, I know in the future when I learn more about doing video and more and more about editing that I will get better at this new adventure.

The sky is the limit!

Thanks to my amazing team and the patience of my models.

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