Little Sister

Little Sister

I can no longer smell the fresh rainy air as winter has finally gripped us. It's strange to look back now at these images that I shot of my sister in May. All of the best tree's were in bloom and we headed out to snap some photos. Al took pics of me too but I much rather prefer to post only the ones of her.

These last few months have been hectic and I just now have had time to go over some old images and edit them.

My husband calls my sister "lil A" and she calls him "big A" that is why so often I refer to him as A and because it's so much easier to write one letter quickly when blogging. Both Lil A and I were quite exploitative with our hair this past spring and wanted to document the bold colors in a photo shoot.

This isn't going to be a very long post, just one where I can show some work from this past year and also to announce that I am offering three of my favorite and most used photoshop actions at my online store. The actions can be purchased as a set of three or individually.

I have had a lot of people ask me about my tones when editing and many compliments on the color of my images so I decided I would offer that style to others for a limited time. The set's come with "Storm, Sunshower and Dark Skies". Have a look at the bottom of this post to check them out.

Here's a link to the shop: http://majicshop.storenvy.com/


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