Lone Girl

Lone Girl

Al showed me pics of V on fb. I immediately knew I had to photograph her. Her diamond blue eyes, glowing alabaster skin and blonde locks are a photographers dream. Though a teen, V is one of those beauties who looks much younger then she really is. Im sure she will be one of the lucky ones with the aging process.

We headed over to one of my favourite locations to shoot at. A lost little paradise. An island in the middle of a busy street that most don't even notice or fail to take in the beauty. The island blasts colours of deep red, magenta, and white in the late spring. The crab apple and cherry trees erupt with such beauty and age it explodes my eyes, heart and mind. Every year I watch the location. Checking on the buds, waiting for the trees to erupt with their beauty so I can take advantage of them before their leaves turn to green and their apples and cherries begin to grow.

V is a ballet dancer. A natural with movement. I had a wonderful time photographing her. I did not have to explain to her the youthful glow I wanted to capture. She already was that glow.

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