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It has taken me a few months to compile all this great news together! In February the Secret Garden series was feature on Bored Panda and then went viral! It was crazy how much attention was put on the series and the way that it is shot in a small attic space. People really tended to enjoy the fact that anyone could create anything they imagined within the comfort of their own home. I really loved that that is what I found a lot of people were taking away from the various Secret Garden articles I kept finding.

For about a month after the viral post the series really started to pick up and I kept finding it everywhere. On sites from all around the world. There were some that I had no clue what language they were being written in. I have been trying to keep track of everywhere that the secret garden gets featured in but it's becoming increasingly harder and harder. Just last week I thought that the hype was dying down but then this week a few promised features were finally released.

An article for Ligne magazine was written about myself and the garden. It's so crazy, the cover was shot by Nigel Barker! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have work published in the same magazine as someone as amazing as Nigel! If you don't remember he shot a ton of stuff for America's Next Top Model (The early seasons). It was really amazing of the team at Ligne to put a spotlight on the garden. I am so grateful. There is also and online feature you can read as well here: www.lignemagazine.com

Something pretty insane happened to me all in one week last month! First the garden was featured on Peta Pixel and has over 1000 shares! Then featured on Trend Hunter and My Modern Met! I think I could have died that week. (haha) I was taking all of it in but trying to remember not to let a little bit of recognition get to my head. Secret Garden is about so much more then just being viral and talked about. I really want to do something charitable and good with it.

However I couldn't hold in my excitement. Getting onto My Modern Met was a dream in itself. My Modern Met features so many inspirational artists I was honored to be there amongst them.

The garden was also featured on a slew of other amazing blogs and sites like 'Artistas sean Unidos" (http://www.artistasseanunidos.com.ar/) and I even got to write an article for popular photography site 'In My Bag'. The article I wrote was "How to deliver epic images on a tiny budget". They also featured my favorite gear as well. (www.inmybag.net)

I was very honored to have an interview with Coco Indie Magazine. I have been a great fan and supporter of the magazine for awhile now. I started answering the interview questions in Feb and now the issue is finally out. (www.cocoindie.com)

A few more highlights came when Kodak Moments France shared Secret Garden on Twitter as well as Henrys Camera store sharing the garden on google +. The Garden was featured on the Spinocchia Freund (London) website in their art sections. Freund is a popular British design company. (http://spinocchiafreund.com/daniela-majic-secret-garden). I also found the garden shared on adafruit. I remember thinking "oh cool" then my husband told me just how popular adafruit was. He said it was a technology site and he was surprised and excited that the garden had been featured.

I never realized how popular the garden would get with home design blogs and magazine's but I guess it makes sense seeing as how the garden was produced in my very own home.

Just a few more and I swear I'll get on to something other then features. Amazing online German magazine Madame featured the garden as well which was wonderful. (http://www.madame.de/daniela-majic-secret-garden-853299.html ) Last but not least I've put together a little collage of some more features. Viral Nova, Elaborate Taste, and inspiration Grid amongst them just to name a few. :)

So here's some wonderful news! Finally I am able to release the date and address of my very first solo exhibit! Really, some days I can't believe that this is the life I am living. The idea that Secret Garden has now reached over a million people is just mind blowing. I come from this city in Ontario where honestly nothing really truly happens. Photography in itself is not a very popular thing that people invest in. There aren't great competitions for us photographers to enter, all the big modelling agency's and studios are located in Toronto. The city is trying to embrace more art in the last few years with their monthly art crawls and that is exactly what I am dipping my feet into. It's just if you really want to be a photographer here you have to try unbelievably hard to make a name for yourself and to get your work out there.

I have been really pushing with the series but more then that I have been pushing myself. There are always days when I feel I can't go on, or I am afraid of new or more exposure. Putting a piece of yourself out there as a photographer is a strange thing. We so often want to hide behind our camera's. Let our images tell the story but when your images are seen by thousands it can really feel like they are just seeing you naked. I know some people feel like this if only 10 people see their images. The amount of people in the end doesn't really matter. It's that feeling of being exposed. However they do say that the more uncomfortable you are the better it is. So I want to be very uncomfortable with my work always.

To get back to things here. I made 3 goals for myself when I started SG. 1. Start and finish a series 2. Do something charitable with it and 3. Hold a gallery show. The gallery show is in progress and I really feel that achieving these goals have been easier then I thought. I guess it's time to make some new ones.

On June 12th I will be taking part in our cities Art Crawl. I will be showcasing images from The Secret Garden at a studio, in my own solo room. I will also be raising money for the charity because I am a girl through donations and print sales and I will also be holding a free print raffle. (So exciting) The Because I am a girl foundation has heard about the gallery and has sent me some wonderful give aways like pins, pencils and notepads to give away during the show. It was really kind of them to show their support and I hope I can work with them more in the future.

If you sat through this boring blog post thank you. I hope to see some amazing people on June 12th! xx

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