Secret Garden Updates

Spring 2017

Secret Garden Updates

There's so much to cover in this one blog entry I am not even sure where to begin. I don't want to get too deep into it as this coming Tues I will be releasing the latest installment in the series with a full blog. It talks about the process of the new photos as well as some of the feelings I am having nearing the end of the series. There are only six more entries to the series and then some serious planning will begin. I will be working on some of the most intense and hopeful endeavors for the series. For now I will share some upcoming news as well as some future plans.

The Secret Garden will be having it's second solo show with new and select pieces from the series. The show is this June 9th and will be taking place during our cities monthly art crawl. It will be held at the same place I had my first show. I loved the vibe of the studio space and can't wait to show there again :)

In other gallery news my image "The Wisteria Princess" is currently being displayed at the South by Southeast photo gallery in Georgia! It was selected as part of their "Strength & Beauty: A women's show". I am so thrilled to have been selected along with 30 other female photographers to be part of this show. The image was printed on absolutely beautiful fine art paper at my new favorite place called Smoke Stack. They were so friendly and helpful and their prints are amazing. I have some future plans that I can't really talk about yet but all I can say is I will be printing with them again for something special.

Along with two gallery shows I am creating my first ever photo book! It's crazy. I can't believe I am actually taking on this huge amount of work to create this book. Everything is going to be created by myself. The layout, the editing, all of it. I have already printed my first mock of the book. There is an image below but ofcourse I don't want to give too much away just yet.

A few features included "The Sun Queen" being featured on Bored Panda as well as an interview with highly respected art sight Arsty Shark about the Secret Garden.

Lastly, but not least I am now represented online by Saatchi Art. This is where beautiful fine art collectors editions of The Secret Garden will be sold. I will no longer be selling poster prints of the series as the quality is nice but it's nowhere near the beauty of a fine art print. Also, the great thing about Saatchi Art's representation is that it's a highly respected online gallery. The profit from each print sold will be going to everyone on the team who made that specific concept happen. So it's a great way for everyone involved to be compensated for their creativity. It's all about owning a beautiful piece of artwork on amazing quality paper that lasts more then 500 years (garaunteed by my new printers) whilst supporting the artists involved. So far a few of the images are up and only in two sizes. Small and Medium. However bigger sizes will be available for serious collectors. Everything on the site is limited edition. Once it sells they will never be printed at that quality or size again. If you are interested in a high quality limited edition fine art print in a specific size please don't hesitate to contact me for a quote.

I am sure I will have more news soon! xx

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