Stories End & Stories Begin

Europe 2016 | Croatia, Geneva & Toulouse

Stories End & Stories Begin

It's already days later when I am writting this. Croatia feels like it was forever ago as we have continued our European adventures to France, Barcelona back to France again and are now cozy in a London hotel room.

The last few days in Cro with my grandma were hot with spurts of thunder showers. My grandma and I hurried to collect the clothes from the hanging line as we saw giant puffy grey clouds rolling in. We could hear the thunder in the distance for some time yet the sun still shone brightly down on us. A quick look up on the balcony and I could see the storm rolling in and flashes a lighting over the water and mountains.

We spent the last few days with a bit of sadness hanging above our heads. Three weeks flew by quickly and everything that was beginning to feel like a new normal was going to change in the drop of a hat.

My grandma mentioned a few times how she would miss us once we left. She wishes we could stay longer but then shrugged it off mentioning that she wasn't sad and that crying when someone leaves is pointless because you will see them again. She's spunky and sarcastic and I enjoy her positive outlook.

Yet I was still a little sad. I would miss the quietness the nothing days. I would especially miss all the home cooked meals and healthy eating. I would miss our nightly walks to the beach where we would count crabs and poke at them with sticks to watch them side step their way across rocks.

The air was hot even at night. I would miss the beautiful weather and the smell of the sea.

There are so many stories I told myself to remember so I could write it in this post but as days move along more and more things happen my memory of those moments fade.

We watch the new born kittens that live next door climb over to our side. They play and are so fun to watch. One little one gets stuck and meows gently so I pick him up and place him in safety with his brother and sister. I'll miss feeding their mamma cat everyday. My grandmother's sister who lives next door takes over and assumed my roll of feeding the cats and I am greatful. I won't be there to pet them and enjoy their sweetness.

We shop at the market and I buy some girly things. Dresses and rings interesting pieces collected from my travels and a way to support the locals.

We take my grandmother to her favorite resturaunt by the sea. As I sit facing both my grandmother and 'A' I watch them and realize how much love I have for them both. A very different love but a strong one. I look off into the distance and can see the village and the sea. I take a breath in and in that moment realize how much I love my life. How happy I am in that moment.

We say our goodbyes and know that the travel ahead will be intense. We are instantly plucked from our comfort zone and pulled into a whirlwind. Our flight from Croatia is delayed 7 hours. Yes that's correct SEVEN whole hours. It's the only flight to Geneva all week so we have no choice but to wait.

I sleep sparadically on the airport seats. The airport is small so it becomes crowded at times then quiet again. We watch as planes come and go and impatiently wait for ours.

Our plans have been pushed back. We are supossed to have had one whole day in Geneva to explore but now we won't arrive until 9pm.

In Geneva we are in a daze. It's cooler then in Croatia we'll have to adjust. We look around the city as our taxi drives us to our air bnb. There we go on a small scavenger hunt for our keys. We like when our air bnb's have a simple process and enjoy this.

We climb old circular stairs to our apartment. The walls are made of stone and you can see it is an old building we are staying in.

It begins to rain just as we head out to find food. I don't mind because the rain really doesn't bother me. I welcome it. I am refreshed from walking down stone roads and hills.

Geneva goes by quickly. We only have the morning to explore the Botanical Gardens. Then we head onto our next flight to Toulouse.

The Botanical Garden is beautiful. We find some peace amongst the flowers and nature. It's quite early on a random Wednesday so we are luck to have much of the garden to ourselves.

We wander what became my favorite greenhouse at the garden. It was the largest one I have ever been it (thus far) and was filled with tropical flowers, climbing roses and cacti. The Cacti were everywhere.

Stairs climbed higher and higher and we walked along the walkway of the green house looking over the edge. It was a beautiful view one I don't think I will forget.

Geneva passed quickly and soon we were in Toulouse.

France always has this vibe. I can't quite explain it but I could feel it. It felt similiarly like Paris but possibly more of a party vibe.

Toulouse was busy and there was always something happening. Our apartment overlooked the bustling streets and we often left the balcony doors open so we could hear the excitement.

Desperately needing a nap I fell asleep to the sounds of Toulouse.

A walk through the city at night lead us to a giant street festival. There were drums and dancing and people drinking wine of the streets. Someone pulled 'A' aside and gave him a big hug. They asked him in french how he was feeling. He responded "very good"in french. That's when the guy realized that he infact didn't know Adam and looked confussed. A case of mistaken identity but one that left a novel story for us.

Then we ate at 10:30pm at an amazing resturaunt.

The next morning we sat in the square of the city. We sat by a guy playing guitar and watched as police men armed with machine guns walked around casually. The security is heavy for the soccer games and possibly just in general in France at this time in life.

We talked about politics and the differences we notice about the places we travel to.

Soon it would be time to catch our train to Carcassonne where we would be meeting up with Angela then getting ready for our weekend in Barcelona.

We sat across from a beautiful nun and I wished then and there that I had more courage to ask people if I could take there photos. Instead I sat looking out the window listening to music saying goodbye to the excitement of Toulouse as the rain poured.

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