The Last Little While

The Last Little While

It's the end of December and it's inching closer to that time of year where I write a little (I don't want to use the word review) memory of everything that 2015 had to offer photographically and in life. I still have a few days to recount all of those moments so this post is definitely not that...at least not yet.

It's a bit strange to even be posting or thinking about summer. Though this winter has been more like a spring or a mini (but colder) continuation of the end of summer thanks to El Nino. My roses are still blooming in the garden and days ago I stumbled upon a spring-only blooming cherry blossom blooming the week before Christmas. This may just be one of those weird years in general.

I have this folder on my computer named summer blog. I was supposed to share the photos and write the entry months ago but like many times life sort of puts you on this roller coaster and the tracks are always changing. Pulling you different ways. Making you busier then you ever thought at times when you imagined you'd be free to just sit and write. I'll do my best to recount some of the last moments of summer veering into Autmn and now winter.

My sister invited A and I up to a little cottage in August. I had just finished shooting my summer weddings at the end of July and was ready for some time with my niece and sister's family. I skip along the grass in my bare feet and feel young again. It's nice to be so close to nature and water. My husband and brother in law play guitar and Juby dances.

We cook up some food on the barbecue and soon it will be time to sit around the fire. Remembering the details of this mini get- away make me long for summer again. Our stay is short but I take in every moment. Playing with Juby and boat pedaling with A out on the lake as we talk about what how a life out here would be peaceful. I take some photos of Juby for my sister. Juby hates getting her photo taken unless their candid. She's not interested but I manage to capture some images that I love.

Later in the summer I photograph Juby again for her 3rd birthday. She's into it this time and I love that she looks like she's about to go on an expedition. I imagine her as a little archaeologist digging up dinosaur fossils.

The last bit of summer is A and I just trying to get as much summer sun in as we can. I am planting my garden at this point like a crazy person. Adding another hydrangea, two rose bushes and another lilac. I have completely fallen in love with gardening and I am sure A thinks I'm a bit nutty as I talk to my plants and tell them how proud I am of their growth. He waves to me from the window. I wave back with my dirt filled hands.

We make our way to A's families little lake-side trailer. it's the last days of summer and I can feel the summer sun slipping away. It won't be long now before the sun sets at 3pm instead of 9pm. We have fun chatting with the kiddos and snapping a few pics.

It's Juby's bday and it's a blast. So many kids in one space. My sister arranges for an exotic animal expert to come in and show all the kids the animals. My favorite is an insanely fluffy angora bunny. I'm more delighted then the kids to see it. I sit with Juby as we feel the scales of a snake. She has no fear and is very interested in all of the exotic animals.

Autumn starts to set in and a small job connects me with a good model friend. We have a lot of fun then head out for dinner. I truly appreciate the friendships that come from photography. I have been able to become quite good friends with models and make-up artists. It's more then just a "job" to me.

The leaves are beginning to fall from the tree's. I shoot my last wedding of the year on Halloween night. I have a few fashion editorials that I am finishing up shooting and editing, then an engagement session. I am so busy with photography that I forget I am about to move to Montreal with my husband for a month.

It's colder now and most of the plants have died and tree's are bare. However, I relish in the fact that the weatheroliogist's are calling for a very mild winter. The warmer air is already noticeable for November. We're in Montreal and it's still slightly warmer then average. Our apartment is fantastic and I enjoy spending lot's of time with A. His new job has him traveling away from home often and I was beginning to miss him.

Living in Montreal is fun. It's different and I miss a few things about home. I manage to shoot an editorial during my time in Montreal. A and I go out to restaurants a lot and I enjoy living in the city. My favorite moments are our little walks to the grocery store. We buy wine and beer and other goodies. It feels a bit like Europe to me.

I don't take a lot of pictures in Montreal aside from the editorial I shot. I feel a bit disconnected from my camera and work on editing instead. The last few days I beg A to take me to see the architectural wonder Habitat 67. It's old and I don't think many people care about it but I am always fascinated by locations that have a story.

We drive down and I take photos. I feel weird taking images of a building that people actually live in. I feel like an outsider. I see tenants leaving and looking at me. I wonder if they think I am just a harmless little girl with my camera or if they find it annoying and intrusive. I don't care though, I am too in awe to care. So I keep snapping.

That night I snap a few pictures of A on the street. He unknowingly becomes the subject of my photos. He never asks to be photographed he just let's me take his picture. He snaps a photo of me and I immediately wish I was more photogenic. I used to be. I'm not anymore. I'm just awkward now.

We're finally home and it's December. I wonder where the time went? It was just a week ago that I was beginning to plant my garden. No, that was in April. I am a little sad but happy to be home. A is thrilled. He get's home sick quickly when he's away.

It's a few days after Christmas now as I write this post. Two nights ago we had record breaking weather and at 3am the weather rose to a stunning 16 degrees. It was so warm I pushed A to sit outside with me that night. The rain started and A headed back inside. I stood there smiling. I didn't care that it was raining. I welcomed it. I love the smell of the pavement when it rains. The wind was crazy with warm air and I stood with my arms out inhaling it. It was wonderful.

I examined my garden. My rose bushes still about to bloom. I keep crossing my fingers I will get a few more roses before the snow sets in. I love the smell of roses. I take a few images the next day of the yard as the fog is heavy now and it reminds me of an English morning in the garden.

Christmas day we visit the cherry blossom tree I found that was blooming way ahead of schedule. I am in awe. I keep talking about crazy it is. A laughs at me. I know I sound obsessed.

I always find it so fascinating how quickly summer leaves us. I am happy for this mild winter we are having. It feels more like spring and spring is my favorite season. I wonder what spring this year will be like. I guess we'll have to see.

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