The Power Of possibility: Reaching for the moon

The Power Of possibility: Reaching for the moon

One evening on a walk my niece once asked her mother to hand her the moon. She pointed to the moon and said "Moon, I want it". My sister had to explain to her daughter that she could not have the moon. To which my niece was visibly upset and could not understand why she could not have the moon. She could see it and she might even be able to grab it if she put her arms out towards the sky.

This is one of my favorite stories about my niece because it makes me think about the power of possibilities. A child see's no boundaries. The moon was there clearly visible, and if she could see it then it was close enough for her to have. She was not yet influenced by the world around her. She did not know of or understand the simple facts about our planet earth or just how far the moon really is. She was raw and uninfluenced by those who would tell her that her possibilities, her ideas or her wants are unattainable.

When we are young our imaginations lead us. Anything is possible so long as we think of it. Our porch can be the biggest pirate ship in the world, our bunk bed a rocket ship. We test the water. We test the limits of what we can do before an 'adult' tells us we can't.

So what happens to us when we become adults? Have we become too influenced by people telling us that "no we can't have a the moon". It's just not possible to pick the moon out of the sky and hold it in your hands. We know that. So what does that mean when we have ambitions, goals or dreams? We spent years being told what our boundaries are. Go to school, learn for years, choose a career, do things this way, do things that way. We are being pulled back and fourth, up and down like see saw.

How many times have you seen possibility in something and someone told you that you couldn't do it? We need to get back to our roots. Just like my niece. We need to be raw. We need to stop letting everything influence our ideas, or minds and our dreams. We need to want something just like my niece wanted the moon. Something that seems impossible and we need to be mad when someone tells us we can't have it.

Because we can have it. We can have anything we want when we see a possibility. I know there are many stages when going after and achieving a dream but it all starts with possibility.

So long as my niece knows; that she might not be able to pick the moon out of the sky but if she truly wants the moon then the possibility of her becoming an astronaut and traveling to the moon is not impossible.

It starts with possibility. What possibility do you see?


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