The Return Of The Secret Garden & Fairy Tales For Charity

The Return Of The Secret Garden & Fairy Tales For Charity

It's true the Secret Garden series will be coming back this winter in full force. After a good 8 months of working on the business aspect of Daniela Majic Photography and Majical Weddings I did have some down time to reflect. A small part of the way I loved to create was frozen and as I was under a creative dry spell I had time to think about what my art meant to me and what it was that I truly wanted to accomplish in the future.

Whilst working on my client photography my time became very limited and I was busier then I have been in a long while. The hustle and bustle of this 'working photographer' was a very educational learning experience. As Daniela Majic Photography/Majical Weddings became an official business I started to learn what it was to be a business woman. It was the first time I got to see how I could balance the weight of both the business and the creative side of photography.

I learned that it's not easy. While I am working on client work I have absolutely no time to delve into my creative world. I do get to be creative during my client shoots which is wonderful however I just don't have the time to set up shoots, make clothes & props, reach out to models and teams and I most certainly don't have time to edit anything extra other then that which I am editing for my clients. Diving head first into the business pool was a challenge, but as time went by it occurred to me that there isn't anyone holding us in one place at anytime in our lives.

We are the one's that keep ourselves locked in place or seeking opportunities. It was always hard for me to grasp the concept that maybe I am supposed to do a few different things with my photographic ability and not just stick myself like glue to one adventure. As my creative flow started to finally come back I began to feel at peace with myself. I need the ying and the yang to feel whole. I need the business side of what I do and the creative side to both be working in tandem. I never understood the true meaning of the word 'balance' until now.

So to finally get into what it is that you came here to read, the series will be returning. When it comes back it will aim to do a few things. 1. Get me back on my creative journey 2. Share fairytale worlds with others 3. Open up the door for new and different opportunities.

If you have been following my work by now you know that I am selling prints to hold a gallery show. What many don't know is I will be raising money during this gallery show for the charity "Because I am a girl". We hope to have a donation bin and also a raffle for those who do donate. The raffle will mean that someone will win a large beautiful poster print of their choice. It doesn't end there however I have some wonderful future plans in the making to link the series with donations for charities for children across the world.

As a child I was lucky enough to be able to dream, imagine, play, be educated. I was fortunate to let my imagination shape me into the artist that I am today. It's very sad to think that there are children who do not have that opportunity.

'Secret Garden' is more then just a fairytale world for me to live in and for others to enjoy but I hope that it will become a way that I can raise money and hope for children that dream. Eight months has allowed me to reconsider why I take photos. What does my work truly do for other people I asked myself.

It won't just stop at 'Secret Garden'. I am working towards new ideas of how to get other creatives involved.

So please stop by my shop and purchase a print. If you like my work and want to help us get this gallery show together you could be the start of something really wonderful. All the money raised will go towards the show and extra money will go directly to the charity.

It is amazing how you can find something so beautiful and wonderful out of something you thought was a darkness or an end to your creative process.

Thanks to those who have already purchased prints. You can purchase prints to help fund the gallery show here:


Read about the series here: http://danielamajicphotography.com/essays/2014/04/the-secret-garden-series/

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