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New Website & Secret Garden

Updates & press

If you were wondering what has been going on lately with the Secret Garden series this little update is for you. The series isn't over not even close but I have taken some time off from producing new shots for the garden. Mainly because the attic room in the summer time is unbearably hot. We have had a few heat waves already and to be honest spending even five minutes in the attic when the heat waves happen is enough to make me want to pass out. As soon as the summer heat cools you can bet I will be up there again painting the wall and adding new colour and magic to the little set.

That being said over the past few months I have had more time to work of my fashion side of photography and this includes creating new editorials for magazines which has been so much fun for me lately. I will also have some news (hopefully) pertaining to that side of my work soon.

Within that time I have been the busiest I think I have ever been in my life. Shooting weddings, client shoots, fashion editorials and working on my brand new website has been up to my ears in things to do.

Myself, my husband and a good friend of ours have been spending over a year now creating the new look for Daniela Majic Photography. So much of my old website was outdated and I felt so uninspired every time I would need to add new work. So much so that I began to not even add the new work to the site at all. The only part of the site I was updating was this blog and that was it.

I really wanted a unique image heavy way to showcase the different areas of my work and I feel that with this new site I can finally do that. I really feel it shows the viewer every aspect of myself and my photography. I have added so many new features like my workshop section which I will be getting into more detail about very soon. As well as being able to check out the story behind Secret Garden and even how I style and create wardrobe for my shoots. It's really all there.

Some press lately has included many surprising features. I opened my e-mail one evening just to find out "The Garden Story Weaver" had been selected for a private collection called "The Dreamers Collection" to be featured at the LOUVRE! I nearly fell out of my chair. Crazy to think that if I had walked into the Louvre on July 13th I could have seen one of my pieces featured.

This past May while I was in Rome I received an e-mail from Absolute Photography Magazine. They wanted to feature my series in their sister magazine "Advanced Photographer". I was beyond thrilled. So much was happening that day. "A" and I were waiting for our shuttle to take us into the city center of Rome when I checked my phone and saw the e-mail. My heart was skipping beats I didn't think I could be more excited then I already was. The feature is finally out in their latest issue and can purchased in the UK.

A few extra tidbits: Whim Magazine online interviewed me for their lovely magazine as well as photography site Adoramapix. Just the other day BeautifulNow featured the Secret Garden and a few of my other series. I was so excited when I saw the feature. It has so many likes and shares on their facebook page I was mind blown.

Lastly, while away in Montreal my husband found that the CrispMe site had featured me as one of their 20 Talented Flickr Photographers. Such an honor to be on a list with so many amazing artists.

So those are just a few updates. I'll hopefully have some more news soon especially pertaining to my brand new workshops! Until then check out the new and improved www.danielamajicphotography.com.


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