Why I Get Lost In Gardens

Why I Get Lost In Gardens

Why I get lost in Gardens I fell in love with gardens in 2010. I always loved flowers. I took a floristry course before I knew I wanted to be a “real” photographer.

There has always been something beautiful and yet sad to me about flowers. They remind me of youth and growing old I guess. The idea of a human life span can be seen in that which is fleeting. Like the butterfly only living for 30 days, or a flower.

Flowers begin small and closed off to the world. They eventually sprout and begin to open to their full potential, eventually exploding with beauty and colour. Just like humans. We explode with beauty that the eye can see and eventually when the flower has died, it begins to wither. Her pedals fall and she is no more. Flowers remind me of the fragility of life.

Maybe this is a deeply rooted reason why I love to take pictures in gardens amongst the beauty of flowers. Of course they make amazing locations to shoot in as well, but I often find myself dreaming of photographing in all the gardens in the world. Bringing a subject into the aroma and the freshness of these gardens and capturing them as they become one with the beauty that this earth has to offer.... I know, I know it sounds cheesy but it is truly how I feel.

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