youth in old country

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youth in old country

I had the pleasure of collaborating with a styling team which included my sister Alisha who has been taking a merch and fashion course for a year now. It was interesting to get to work with her in this way. We have both been in the creative throws of fashion and design for awhile now so it's always interesting to see how she evolves. The styling was done by Alisha, Janice Li and Ashley Vlasic.

Ashley used modern pieces from Forever 21 juxtaposed with a vintage hand beaded heritage vest. Ashley was so kind to give me the piece to add to my styling collection which I was thrilled about because I absolutely fell in love with it.

The idea of the story was a take on the traditional woman and her growing modernism. She becomes more comfortable in her own skin and her values change. Coming from a very European house hold the theme really grabbed me.

Janice styled Laura (our model) with two of my own designer pieces. A beautiful beaded Matthew Williamson dress and my M Missoni intarsia dress. Alisha styled Laura in a very bohemian gown with a traditional head scarf. Something I could see my grandmother and the other village baba's wearing back in Croatia. She also styled her in revealing undergarments and just a beaded Etro jacket.

Make-up and hair was done by Jilly Ijoe and Model is Laura D with Peggi Lepage and Ciotti Models.

Photography: Daniela Majic, Model: Laura D @ Peggi Lepage & Ciotti, Styling by Alisha Majic, Janice Li, Ashley Vlasic, Muah by Jilly Ijoe of Kirei Make-up.

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