The Secret Garden

by Daniela Majic

My Story

Imagination. Something that I have held onto for as long as I possibly could. As a child I was encouraged to play dress up, to imagine I was a warrior princess, or a pirate sailing away on my bunk bed ship. I would take my imagination with me into my adult years. Even though many would consider it inappropriate to do so. Because of those childhood moments, I have always wanted to make my fantasy worlds come to life. Photography has revealed itself to me, time and time again through out my life. However, it wasn't until I was nineteen that I was able to open my eyes and embrace it. Running through forests to experiment with friends. Photographing for clients and even dipping my toes in fashion and weddings. Everything came full circle for me with the Secret Garden. Flowers are a symbol of life and death. The frailty of a fleeting moment. There is beauty in both. Just as the garden has both life and death so does my series. For more information contact me:



The seeds are sown

The Secret Garden

Born out of a creative block. My attic stairs led to a fantasy garden world. The entire series is made by hand. The floral backdrop re-created and re-purposed with every new garden character. The ongoing series has become a viral sensation with over thousands of views. Featured on top viral websites, magazines from around the globe, CBC News and even exhibited at the Louvre. The garden has raised money for children's charities and will continue to do so. It is a journey into my attic and into another world.

The Ice Queen

The garden begins with the sleep of a deep freeze.

Model is Marissa F, Make up Katie Foster, Hair Jillian Di Bernardo, Feathers Rouge Pony

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen II

The Ice Queen III

The Queen Awakes

After the long freeze the garden, like spring begins to awake.

Model, Make-up and hair Melora Di Simone

The Queen Awakes III

The Queen Awakes II

The Queen Awakes

The Bee Keeper

She was dripped in honey. The Keeper of all the bee's in the garden.

Model Amanda B, Makeup Katie Foster, Hair Jillian Di Bernardo

The Bee Keeper

The Bee Keeper II

The Bee Keeper III

The Wisteria Princess

A burst of summer and purple. The Princess of the Garden.

Model Brianna B, Makeup Katie Foster, Hair Jillian Di Bernardo.

The Wisteria Princess

The Wisteria Princess II

The Wisteria Princess III

The Wisteria Princess IIII

Madame Papillon

Madame Papillon has awaken the butterflies from their cacoons.

Model Alyssa Winegarden, Makeup Katie Foster, Hair Jillian Di Bernardo

Madame Papillon

Madame Papillon II

Madame Papillon III

The Garden Warrior

She protects the garden with her sceptre's power.

Model & Makeup by Nicole K, Hair by Lidia Majic

The Garden Warrior

The Garden Warrior II

The Garden Warrior III

The Garden Warrior IIII

The Garden Story Weaver

The history of the Secret Garden is locked in her books pages.

Model Vanessa B, Makeup by Lee Anne Wilson, Hair by Adria Di Magio

The Garden Story Weaver

The Garden Story Weaver II

The Garden Story Weaver III

The Garden Story Weaver IIII

Behind The Scenes

A look at the behind the scenes of the attic garden.


The Garden

Behind the scenes| Wisteria

Behind the Scenes | Madame Papillon

Behind The Scenes | The Ice Queen

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